What to Do to Prevent Lockouts

Is it true? Can lockouts be prevented? Well; yes and no. While you CAN cut down on the incidences that happen to you, there’s no way to guarantee that they WON’T happen at all. No matter how observant or careful you are; all it takes is a split second and that locked door has suddenly closed behind you. One moment of inattention and your car keys can be sealed in the trunk along with the groceries you were loading. Avondale Locksmith Stars offers these helpful tips so that you can do what it takes to help cut lockout incidences from your life.


Listen to the experts!

Here in Avondale, AZ there are many locksmith shops that you can call upon if you are locked out (including ours!). But why even go through a lockout situation if you don’t have to? Our family owned company has been providing lockout services for many years so we’ve come to think that we know a thing or two about how to prevent them. Of course if you need lockout help and want fast and affordable service; call us! Avondale Locksmith Stars offers quick response, 24-hour help no matter where you are in town. You can be locked out of your car, home, workplace or business and all it takes to get back inside is a simple and easy phone tap!

Car lockouts

These happen daily all over town. One minute you think that your keys are resting safely on top of your car and then you close the driver’s door and suddenly realize that they were really on the passenger seat all along! Automotive lockouts happen so much because we use our cars so frequently and the more hustle and bustle we put into our day, the easier it is to forget where those darn keys are! Sometimes, car lockout situations can be more than just annoying; they can be dangerous, too! Imagine that you went to a meeting in a marginally safe neighborhood. It’s now dark and you want to go home when you realize that your key ring is still in the ignition. It’s getting dark and you can’t leave! Auto lockouts can also involve children or pets in the car that can’t let themselves out or even open a window.

Lockouts at home

These happen a lot, too. Many people keep the door leading from the garage into the home always locked. This can be a good habit to get into as crooks sometimes break into the garage and access the home from this door. Sometimes, this can backfire. It’s easy to assume that the front door is unlocked; especially if you went in and out a few times through it. All it takes is that one time when the front door is locked and suddenly; you are locked out of your home. Other incidences include going out for the mail or newspaper and the door locks behind and you closes. A simple case of key theft can also render you locked out of both home AND car!

Commercial lockouts

Believe it or not, people get locked out of their businesses quite frequently. It can be an owner or manager that simply went to raise the flag or hang the “open” sign outside that gets locked out. Or, maybe an absent minded staff member goes out for a cigarette break and the propped back door closes behind him accidentally. Since these rear entrance exit doors are often always locked, it’s easy to find yourself on the wrong side of it! Commercial lockouts can involve front, back and interior doors, swipe badge malfunctions, gate access failure, walk-in refrigerator lockouts and lots more.

Ok, ok; so what’s your advice?

Common sense tells us; there’s no fix-all for lockouts. Following these simple tips CAN cut down on the number of lockout incidents that you experience!  First of all – stay calm! Don’t be tempted to break into your own property! You may feel that you are in the right; but a police officer or an armed neighbor might think otherwise; especially if they don’t recognize you! Smashing a window or breaking in a door can also lead to injury for you and others. On top of that there are property damage and repair costs involved. Your best bet is to try and keep your cool and call for a locksmith to come and help. Secondly, call a friend or family member so that you can stay on the phone with them while you wait. This action also calms your nerves and gives you a potential “witness” or second voice should anything else go wrong.

Spare keys

Avondale Locksmith Stars is often asked if spare keys are a good idea. Yes and no. We DON’T recommend putting a spare key under the door mat or over the door sill like many do. Doing this makes it easy for you to get back in and it does the same for others, as well. If you want to use spare keys, be choosy and ONLY give one to a trusted neighbor, friend or family member.

Creature of habit

One often overlooked tip is to start putting things in the same place each time you use it. If you keep your keys, wallet, purse or remote control in the same place most times, it actually becomes a habit. You train your subconscious mind over time to always put the item in its place and when you don’t; that inner voice will tell you so. Practicing this tip can cut drastically down on the lockout incidences in your life as you don’t forget and leave the keys in the ignition because your habit says to clip them to your purse or put them into your pants, instead.

Avondale Locksmith Stars offers additional details on lockouts and all you have to do to access them is call us. We also offer 24-hour emergency service, free price quotes, and free consultations so take advantage of our affordability, expertise and vast experience with lockouts and give us a call!