Rekey or replace locks?

That’s the question; should you rekey or fully replace the lock? What’s really the difference? Is one more expensive than the other? What are the advantages or disadvantages of either? Keep reading as Avondale Locksmith Stars will “spell out” the differences and make it all crystal clear for you. Soon you’ll be able to confidently tell which service you want or need. This will allow you to save money and enjoy additional peace of mind, as well.


Rekey service

You’ve often heard the term “change the locks” and you kind of knew what that meant. It means making it so that the old keys no longer work on the lock. That’s actually true. In a rekey job, the original lock stays put. It stays in place and only the insides of it are altered. This makes the “old” keys useless. When a fresh start is needed, rekey service is great to have! Think back to when you leased or bought your home. You were handed a key at closing. Who gave you that key and where did they get it? Who else had access (or a copy) of that key?

In actuality, many people did! Not only the builder, but a bevy of other people did. Included in this list are plumbers, realtors, property managers, dry wall installers, electricians, painters, landscapers, roofers, HVAC techs, alarm installers and dozens more. You yourself have keys and so do your family members, roommates, guests and possibly neighbors, close friends, babysitters, dog walker, gardener and many others!  Rekeys allow a fresh start to key control. The locks stay the same; the keys are all brand new and all old ones no longer work!

Lock replacement

If rekeying is so good, why replace your locks at all? Actually, there are very good reasons to do exactly that. If your locks are aged or worn, rekeying is NOT recommended. Also, if your locks are damaged or need updating then rekeys are not in your best interest. Let’s say you come home from vacation and discover that your home or car has been broken into. After getting over the initial shock you discover that your locks were damaged in the process. You’ll need them replaced, of course. In fact, if you are going to get any sleep at all tonight, or go to work tomorrow, you’ll need them replaced immediately!

Let’s say for example that your locks are just fine and NOT damaged. Why would you want to replace them? For security reasons and added peace of mind you might consider upgrading your locks. Most Avondale, AZ full service locksmith shops offer higher grade locks that offer protection against lock bumping, lock picking and other illegal and dangerous practices that lead to unwanted intruders entering your property. Bump proof locks and high security locks virtually eliminate intruders and if you shop carefully you can get them purchased and installed at affordable rates and with full warranty coverage.

What is lock bumping?

Lock bumping happens not only here in Avondale, AZ but all over the world. It is a little known method that uses a lock bumping tool that is easy to make or purchase online. The tool/key is inserted in the lock and then gently tapped a few times loosening the interior pins and scrambling them so that the lock is opened in mere second!

It is estimated that 90% of builder installed door locks can be bumped open and that is now spreading to auto locks and commercial locks, as well! Not only does lock bumping make getting into your property easy, it leaves NO sign of forced entry! This makes filing an insurance claim or police report very difficult as there is no evidence to back you up. You’d think that selling this tool or the instructions on how to lock bump would be illegal but just the opposite is true. There are lock bumping “how to” videos all over the internet and the lock bumping key/tool can be bought on auction sites like EBay and on Craigslist worldwide.

High security locks

Better lock brands like Baldwin and Medeco make locks that are deemed high security. Unlike more mainstream locks that are hollow and made of tin, high security locks are made of solid brass and covered with a steel plate. They also have hardened steel pins embedded in the lock’s face to protect it against lock drilling. These specialized locks simply cannot be picked open, pried open or even shot open! While you may not NEED them, you can sleep better at night knowing that absolutely no one is going to get past these locks! Best of all, the prices for these locks are reasonable and affordable so be sure to check with Avondale Locksmith Stars or your favorite full service lock and key shop for free price quotes and for additional information.

Master pin dangers

Most all new home developments over the past couple of decades have used door locks that were mastered at one time. The locks were ordered in bulk and all could be opened with one key – the master key. This makes the construction process more streamlined as the work crews can get in and out of each home as needed to work on drywall, paint, install appliances, do electrical work, plumb, add kitchens, tile bathrooms, etc. The master pins inside each lock allow this process to take place. When the home is sold, the first time the new owner’s key is used, the lock reverts to non-master status, and the key is now exclusive to its new buyer.

So what’s the problem? Those master pins are still inside the lock and every one of them reduces the security of the lock while making the probability of lock failure greater with use. Master pins still in the lock also make it easier to pick open or bump as described above. What’s the solution? You guessed it; a rekey! A rekey with a specific request for master pin removal will make your lock safe again and get you brand new keys to boot!